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Sleepwell Mattress Nepal :

Back Support Range : 
A range exclusively designed for consumers who desire a surface that cares for their spine and back. The range consists of Spinetech Air Luxury, Spinetech Air, Durafirm and Spinebond.

Sleepwell Perfect Match:
We understand the truth that every human body is different and one needs a mattress that matches the body posture, weight and pressure distribution. But how does one find the right mattress? Through world-class technology, we have created the Sleepwell Sensobed that can do just that. Installed at Sleepwell World/ Gallery, it helps to find the Perfect Mattress for the customer.

Sleepwell Sensobed helps the customer find his Perfect Match in 4 simple steps :

Step 1. Mapping of body structure and weight distribution.

Step 2. Measurement of body weight and pressure distribution.

Step 3. Scientific analysis of body support and comfort requirements.

Step 4. Customised processing to recommend The Perfect Match mattress.

The Perfect Match Range : The Perfect Match Range consists of Aspiration, Expression, Imagination, Aspiration Plus, Expression Plus and Imagination Plus.

Unique Health Fresh Advantage:
While providing world class products we do not ignore the important aspect of healthy living. Customers who choose Sleepwell do not have to be concerned about harmful organisms that can breed in the mattress posing a serious risk to the health and well being of their families. All our mattresses are treated with Health Fresh, a state of the art treatment that prevents harmful dust mites, fungi, and bacteria from breeding and builds a protection for healthy living throughout the life of the product. The prevention of dust mites is a boon to asthmatics as it helps in reducing asthma attacks. This revolutionary treatment in comfort products is available exclusively in India with Sleepwell only.

Sleepwell Mattress Nepal | Authorized Distributor: R.S. Enterprises, Charkhal, Kathmandu, Nepal