namobuddhaNamobuddha is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage site situated near Panauti in Kavre district. Buddhist legend has it that one of the earlier Buddhas once came across a tigress who had given birth to cubs, but she was so frail and weak that she could not go out hunting, leaving her cubs to die of starvation. In utmost piety, the kind Buddha offered his own flesh to the tigress to keep her and the cubs alive. There is a small stupa built in reverence to the ultimate sacrifice of the Buddha. Buddhist holy books narrate tales of several Buddhas before the arrival of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha, the Enlightened One.

Access: Namobuddha can be reached by a three-hour trek from Dhulikhel or Panauti. These two towns are at about an hour’s drive by regular bus services from Kathmandu.


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