Jaleshwor Mahadev, Mahottari

Jaleshwar is a town that lies 18 km south of Janakpur near the Indian border. It is famous for the Shiva temple known as Jaleshwar Mahadev. The Shiva lingam is situated about 20 feet below the surface of the temple and is reached by a narrow stone stairway. Most of the time it lies immersed in water, hence the name Jaleshwar, which literally means Lord of the Water. There are two large ponds on either side of the temple, and the seepage of water from these ponds could be the reason why the Shiva lingam always remains immersed in water. There is a big fair on Shivaratri when a large number of devotees throng the Shiva temple.

Access: Jaleshwar is about two hours’ drive from Janakpur along a highway.


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