bageshwori-templeThe Bageshwari Temple is situated on the bank of a large pond in the old part of Nepalgunj town and is dedicated to Goddess Bageshwari, the Goddess of Speech or Voice. It is the most famous temple in Nepalgunj. According to the Swasthani Brata Katha, it was here that the tongue of Sati Devi, Shiva’s consort, fell while Shiva wandered around the earth with the corpse of his wife on his shoulders. A temple was built at the spot and became known as Bageshwari. Devotees throng the temple every day to offer prayers and worship.

Access: It is in proper Nepalgunj town. Nepalgunj is linked by the national highway with all the major towns and cities of Nepal and India. There are regular daily flights linking it to Kathmandu.


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