Shopping for handicrafts and souvenirs in Nepal is a delight, with shop after shop offering a choice even for the most discerning. It’s because of their fine craftsmanship and supreme quality that Nepal’s handicrafts have been coveted items since ancient times. Popular buys among tourists are hand-knotted woolen carpets, jewelry, pashmina shawls, woolen knitwear, embroidery, thanka paintings, wood carvings, statues and decorative metallic house wares, ceramics and pottery, and rice paper products such as writing pads, calendars and lamp shades. Tea and spices are other popular gifts to take back home.

Antiques, however, cannot be taken out of the country. To be on the safe side, visitors should have all antiques examined by the Department of Archeology and obtain a certificate from the office before leaving Nepal. Nepal is also a shopping destination for designer products such as Christian Dior, Gucci, Yves Laurent, Chanel, Nike, Givenchy and many more brand names. And thanks to lower overhead costs, Nepal’s department stores and malls offer them at unbeatable prices.