Bageshwari, Banke

The Bageshwari Temple is situated on the bank of a large pond in the old part of Nepalgunj town and is dedicated to Goddess Bageshwari, the Goddess of Speech or Voice. It is the most famous temple in Nepalgunj. According to the Swasthani Brata Katha, it was here that the tongue of Sati Devi, Shiva’s consort, fell while Shiva wandered around the earth with the corpse of his wife on his shoulders. A temple was built at the spot and became known as Bageshwari. Devotees throng the temple every day to offer prayers and worship.

Access: It is in proper Nepalgunj town. Nepalgunj is linked by the national highway with all the major towns and cities of Nepal and India. There are regular daily flights linking it to Kathmandu.

 Bala Tripura Sundari, Dolpa

bala-tripura-sundariThis temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is in Dolpa district. It is situated on a hillock surrounded by the Bheri River on three sides. There are five stone images of Bala, Tripura, Sundari, Devi and Mahakali.

Access: There are regular flights to Juphal, Dolpa, from Nepalgunj.

 Swargadwari, Pyuthan

swargadwariSwargadwari literally means gateway to heaven, and legends have it that the five Pandavas of Mahabharat journeyed to heaven from Swargadwari. Swargadwari is associated with a saint named Swargadwari Mahaprabhu who took samadhi in 1940 AD. There is a big fair at the site in Nepali month of Kartik and Baisakh. Pilgrims visiting also get a chance to experience the uniqueness of Midwest Nepal.

Access:It is situated 26 km west of Khalanga in Pyuthan in Rapti Zone north of Dang valley at an altitude of 2,200 meters. The area can be reached via Bhalubanga on the Mahendra Highway to Bhingri from where Swargadwari is 5-hour trek away. Another route is from Lamahi to Dang district headquarters Gorahi from where the temple site is a day’s trek away. Pony rides are available on the way to Swargadwari to facilitate pilgrims and cable car service at is also being considered.

 Chandannath, Jumla

chandan-nathChandannath is one of the most famous temples in the mid-western hills and is located in Jumla. It is dedicated to Dattatraya, the trinity form of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Access: There are regular flights to Jumla from Nepalgunj. A track road has recently been opened linking Jumla with Surkhet in the south, but it will be quite some time before reliable bus services operate along this treacherous mountain road.