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Digital Tv Service In Nepal:

Digital tv. Service: With respect to the deadline set by the International Telecommunication Union of the United Nations (UN), the Government of Nepal began the process of migrating to digital television by amending the National Broadcasting Act 1993 and National Telecommunications Act 1995 in 2012.

Due to the devastating earthquake and also the lack of preparation from the government, the private and public sector in the country, this plan had not really come into action. Despite these setbacks, the Government came to a conclusion of digitizing all cable TV operators in the country at the beginning of 2074.

A lot of issues came to light after this declaration by the government. Majority of which was to deal with how to aware the public regarding this subject and how to make sure that all preparations for the digital transmission had been made. Now, a majority of the cable operators have switched to digitization. This digital cable connection has provided the customers with a clear connection and high definition channels. If you are an avid TV viewer but haven’t yet switched from your analog connection then, it is high time that you make the shift to the digital system. If you delay this even more now then you will probably have to be prepared to miss out on your favorite TV shows.

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