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Since 1991 Buy Tibetan Rugs Industries has been providing the finest in handmade Tibetan rugs. Our designs range from traditional Tibetan designs, to modified traditional designs, and then to modern designs created to work with today’s latest fashion trends.

Our owner/artist creates these designs and will create a unique design just for you. All our rugs are hand knotted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. (We do not use child or exploited labor). While machine manufactured oriental rugs are cheap and plentiful, only hand-knotted rugs with a high knot count will be truly durable and are sure to increase in value over time. The difference between machine made and handmade rugs is obvious. Machine made rugs will often need a backing for strength and are susceptible to curling at the edges. The colors will lack vibrancy.

Our hand knotted rugs never need backing to add strength, and the back sides are nearly as beautiful as the top sides. We use only the finest fibers of Himalayan wool, New Zealand wool, Chinese silk, Banana silk, Bamboo silk, Pashmina, nettle, linen and a variety of wild fibers. We would like to stress that we are a completely custom shop. We can produce a good quality rug at a budget price up to an exquisite quality rug at an “impressive” price. We can make your vision a reality. We will work back and forth with you to develop your pattern. We will be able to produce the exact colors that you desire. Then before production we will produce a swatch to insure that the colors are correct.

We work directly with interior decorators, architects, distributers, and retailers to develop custom designs for the customer, leaving them with a rug which they will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for visiting the site. Choose rugs from us and we will do our best to exceed your high expectations.

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